5 Compelling Reasons Your Construction Business Needs CRM

by Dec 12, 2019

Imagine this scenario. You have a small sales team. Two of your salespeople, let’s say, Henry and James, are working on acquiring new clients. They make notes of their meetings, new customers, etc., without a centralized CRM system in place. Even if both of them are efficient, it isn’t uncommon that someone might have missed to note down a phone call or a meeting with a customer. To err is human. One day, Henry calls a new customer with the perfect sales pitch only to know later on that James had already spoken to the said customer a few days back. Your potential customer might get irritated due to the repeated phone calls from the same organization and may make a mental note to look for other options.
This is where CRM comes in. The use of technology is constantly evolving and therefore our knowledge and implementation need to keep up. Here are the top reasons why you should implement construction CRM software for your business.

Centralization – A lifesaver
CRM stores all of your customers’ details in an organized, user-friendly database that you and your sales team have access to at all times. No matter the size of your business, having all of your customer and business data in one place will undoubtedly make your life easier, and your business more efficient. Having a centralized platform makes tracking and reporting a lot simpler, there is no more amalgamating all of those spreadsheets, handwritten notes, and pieces of paper from here and there. CRM gives you a centralized, organized place in which to store all of your customer data, project status and more.

Know Your Customer History
Each customer record in your construction CRM tells a story of how you acquired them, their communication and project history, and their complete interaction with your company. From that story, you can learn how to retain them. A happy customer is a customer for life.

Better Communication within the Team
Communication is critical to keeping everyone on your team on the same page and more importantly, efficient communication avoids costly mistakes, especially in the construction industry. With today’s tremendous technological advancements, there is no excuse for improper communication on a worksite. Effective construction communication is extremely valuable and isn’t too hard to implement.

Save Time
The data on an integrated CRM system is available at any time. You don’t waste valuable time or a great opportunity waiting for the system to upload and referring to all the spreadsheets. This can leave you more time to focus on growing your business and planning for the long term. With effective builders’ CRM in place, you can send quotations, generate leads, & track and book suppliers in a jiffy. Your customers can even select colors online on the go!

Facilitate transparency
When your team is clear about their assigned projects and tasks, they’re much more prepared to do what needs to be done for your business to boom. With efficient CRM software for builders in Australia like InSimplify, you get a streamlined sales pipeline where your team can make suggestions for improvements, and are accountable for their actions.

InSimplify – The much-needed CRM for home builders!
Who doesn’t need a helping hand, especially when the hand is super-efficient and a customer satisfier? Be it any business, customers are its cornerstones. So, what are you doing to retain them and to keep them happy? InSimplify is your answer.