Celebrating the Small Wins and Heading towards New Heights!

by Mar 9, 2020

InSimplify, an end-to-end software technology for builders, is one of the fastest-growing providers of construction project management software in Australia. InSimplify empowers home builders and construction industry professionals to build a better world by harnessing technology to lower the cost of construction. We operate on a handful of core beliefs and are elated when our hard work is recognized!

Australian Construction Awards 2020 (ACA)

We believe that software is empowering. Being chosen as one of the finalists of the prestigious ‘Australian Construction Awards 2020’ under the business category “Construction Software Business of the Year” is a proud moment for InSimplify. ACA recognizes the achievements, developments, and innovation within Australia’s booming construction industry.

Finalist of Wyndham Business Awards

InSimplify was chosen as one of the finalists of the prestigious Wyndham Business Awards 2019, under the business category “New and Emerging – Micro”. The Wyndham Business Awards is a comprehensive awards program elevating the core values of business excellence, sustainability, and responsibility. Wyndham City Council offers excellent support and encouragement for local businesses – entrepreneurs, services and innovative businesses in Australia.

Featured on Duct Tape Magazine

Recognition is the greatest motivator. We were recently honored to be featured in Duct Tape Magazine. Duct Tape finds and shares stories of founders across the spectrum, stories about brilliant startups and how they get shaped into the top businesses.

Featured on SmartCompany

InSimplify’s success story of how a simple software solution for one builder turned into a construction-tech startup got featured on SmartCompany. SmartCompany is Australia’s leading online publication driven by a vision to see Australia’s budding entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses boom. InSimplify, a cloud-based end-to-end management platform, is designed specifically for the construction industry.

We deeply appreciate the recognition. We believe in dreaming big. While we have always been confident about our work, these accolades from a variety of independent sources have got us more energized and pumped up towards bigger goals!