Does CRM Matter for Construction?

by Feb 2, 2021

With the tough economic conditions facing the construction industry, there is a sharp focus on better ways to track and manage the sales process and keep your customers happy. The old way of obtaining business is not as effective and efficient in today’s world. While the industry has not historically been a large adopter of CRM software, it is now changing.

With the right CRM software, you can wow your customers with more than just exceptional work. Although some people think of CRM as just a technology, it is so much more than that. CRM is more important now than ever to construction businesses because it not only helps you gain new customers but also helps in retaining them. CRM in construction refers to cloud-based software that places key relationships, communication, lead, and opportunity data at your fingertips.

The CRM edge

Historically, many construction firms relied on paper files to keep track of their contacts. While today they’re more likely to use a spreadsheet, it’s often frustrating to find the information they need. Even if they do manage to find what they’re looking for, the details may not be up to date. CRM system offers measurable results that tools like Excel simply can’t achieve. If your team is struggling to collect information or when they finally collect what they needed but it didn’t always make it into a central repository, you need a CRM. Without a clearly defined end-to-end process, leads can end up lost or forgotten, which results in lost sales productivity and even a bad customer experience.

Simplified client management

The CRM process begins with a lead. Without a clear understanding of previous conversations, your sales team might often repeat questions or make contradictory statements, which can damage a company’s reputation with clients and partners. A construction-centric CRM can eliminate this issue by making accurate, up-to-date, and actionable relationships possible.

Maintaining healthy and productive customer relationships is the best way to ensure a bright future for any business. CRM is not just a tool for buffing a company’s performance at the edges. CRM is critical to construction businesses looking to utilize a customer database to maximum profitability. Installing a successful CRM can save home builders valuable hours of employee time, in turn saving money by engaging in more productive efforts.

Building customer relationships

Building better customer relationships are important to increase sales, reduce customer attrition, and boost employee morale. When you take care of customers and build trust, they give you permission to keep reaching out to them. Instead of rejecting a cold call, they’ll feel like you’re doing them a favor by contacting them and pay attention to your communication. Every touchpoint matters and each time a representative of your company speaks to a customer, it has an impact.

Grow your business with InSimplify

CRM enables you to manage your opportunities efficiently. There are limitless CRM options for enterprise-level companies, but nothing that spoke to the needs and budgets of home builders. As the world makes a heavy shift to more virtual connections, now is the time for small businesses to invest in these innovative software solutions. Integrations are incredibly important when it comes to CRMs. While you need access to all the data, your sales team might only need a partial view. With our fine access right management features, you can choose who can see what. Stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace with the best home builder CRM in Australia – InSimplify. Be it any business, customers are its cornerstones. So, what are you doing to retain them and to keep them happy? InSimplify is your answer.