Guide to Cloud-based CRM for Home Builders

by Aug 27, 2021

Cloud computing is the wave of the future for all things digital. Cloud computing is at the heart of the construction industry’s digital transformation. It underpins all of the most powerful software solutions, allowing the industry to truly benefit from cutting-edge technology.

Cloud is the future

The construction industry is expanding and changing on a daily basis, with massive buildings, shopping malls, and high-tech construction projects being built all over the world. Companies want to make the most of the latest technological innovations and software solutions in order to maximize efficiency in such a competitive market. Because heterogeneous data is generated continuously as the project progresses, the construction industry is data-intensive. Data from various stages of the project is typically stored in a team server or desktop. Data integration is thus required for overall project coordination because the inability to access a holistic view of data frequently leads to incorrect decisions, which can delay the project and have an impact on the project’s performance and profitability.

Why Cloud?

Cloud computing technologies have revolutionized several industries for several years. What is cloud computing’s most obvious benefit? Companies can avoid purchasing and maintaining their own computing infrastructure by using cloud services.

Let’s look at why cloud computing solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry.

  • It’s flexible
  • It’s secure
  • It’s cost-effective
  • It’s mobile
  • It’s future-proof

Cost-effective – With cloud computing, companies do not need to buy servers, update applications or operating systems.

Greater security – Data is encrypted before it is transmitted over networks and stored in databases. This way, information is less accessible to hackers and others who are not authorized to view company data.

Data-driven insights – Millions of bits of data are generated by customer transactions and business processes; when analyzed, invaluable, actionable information can be extracted and acted upon.

Consistent quality – Poor reporting quality and inconsistency can be detrimental to any business. Cloud-based systems store all documents in a single location and format, to which everyone has access.

Disaster recovery – Provides quick data recovery for scenarios ranging from natural disasters to power outages.

More mobility – End users can access corporate data via smartphones and other devices. Employees will be able to keep up to date on client cases, coworker requests, and other daily business events in this manner. All you need is an internet connection and your laptop.

Flexibility – With the cloud, you can work from anywhere – a construction site, your home, your office, or while travelling. Keeping your work close to you keeps you competitive. The construction industry is gradually waking up to the cloud computing movement. You can complete the work quickly with cloud-based software, allowing you to focus on the next project.

Start your journey

With the pressure on all industries to cut costs, now is a good time to look into digital transformation and cloud-based alternatives. Cloud computing technologies have revolutionized several industries for several years. If you haven’t yet made the switch to the cloud, now is the time to consider why and how. Furthermore, cloud-based CRM enables home builders to cut costs, compete more effectively, remain flexible, strengthen client relationships, and completely customize data.

Better experiences for builders and owners

The goals of CRM software are to organize your contacts all in one place, improve the efficiency and quality of your interactions with leads to improve lead conversion and business profitability. Simply put, it’s everything that goes into managing and interacting with all of your company’s contacts, particularly leads and customers. If you are a home builder or contractor looking to get more leads and boost sales, you need a home builder CRM like InSimplify. Let’s build your business together!