HomeBuilder Scheme – A Gift for Home Builders

by Jul 1, 2020

The chance to build a brand-new home for a bargain has encouraged thousands of Aussie buyers into the market. The HomeBuilder Scheme is designed to drive demand from Australians who are looking to build a new home, or to undertake a major rebuild of their existing home, but withdrew from the market when COVID-19 hit in March.

New home builders and homeowners undertaking substantial renovations will get a $25,000 cash grants that are set to expire at the end of the year.

Developers across the nation report skyrocketing sales and inquiries mere days after the launch of the federal government’s new HomeBuilder scheme. Minister for Housing and Assistant Treasurer Mr. Michael Sukkar said that in just a few days, there had been 188,000 visits to the HomeBuilder website and more than 13,800 Australians had registered their interest in the grant. It is said that hundreds of sales were clocked up over the first weekend alone. The lifting of restrictions around visitors to display suites two weeks ago also added to really kick things off.

The grant aims at building 30,000 homes by Christmas
On the reported high levels of traffic across many property developments following the HomeBuilder stimulus package release, the inquiry levels have soared to a rate that was three times higher than the 2019 average. While the demand has been strong, there is some uncertainty around the different incentives and people’s eligibility so there is still a bit of work to do by the government in educating people about the detail. The HomeBuilder grant does not include structures not attached to the home, such as swimming pools or garages. It will be restricted to middle-income earners and new homes valued at no more than $750,000. The contract must be signed between 4 June 2020 & 31 December 2020 and the construction must commence within three months of the date of the contract.

The stimulus package aimed at bolstering the housing construction industry, as the coronavirus-hit economy heads for its first recession in 29 years. The Housing Industry Association welcomed the announcement, estimating that it could generate more than $15 billion in economic activity.

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