How Can a Construction CRM Help Your Company

by Jan 11, 2022

A few construction firms still keep all their client data on Excel. While it allows data to be easily inputted, it is just as easy to input the wrong data or make data retrieval extremely time consuming. In order to survive, grow and prosper, business leaders need to reevaluate how they work going forward, in order to ensure their companies are cost-effective, efficient and relationship focused, which is where the utilization of technology comes into play CRM is something that construction companies of all sizes have invested in over the last few years.

CRM is your path to more projects – and profits

Given that industry leaders recognize the value of CRM and continue to invest in it, it should be obvious that technology has value. That does not imply that you must spend a lot of money to get a CRM. There are a variety of excellent solutions available, each with its own set of features and price range. What important is that you select one that is appropriate for you and your company, as well as one that provides enough aftercare and training. After all, if you want to get the most out of CRM, you and your team need to be comfortable with it.

InSimplify – The Home Builder’s CRM
InSimplify has developed a construction-centered CRM for homebuilder which is the perfect solution to manage all the different variables at play to ensure an efficient and smooth running of your construction business. While many smaller construction firms lack the resources to dedicate someone solely to sales, this does not rule out the possibility of an overflowing sales pipeline!

A homebuilder CRM provides:

  • A better grasp of the sales-funnel
  • Software integrations
  • Powerful reports that tell you the health of your company at a glance
  • Better and speedier communication
  • The value of time saved on proposals and follow-ups

All of these points make investing in a CRM a “no-brainer”, don’t you think?

Data analysis and reporting are a key part of any CRM. The ability to visualize data from previous projects using charts and models can help you improve and refine your operations significantly. With activity reports, you can see where individuals are getting stuck, and figure out which initiatives are the most profitable.

Focus your resources on what matters most: winning projects. With the best CRM in place, you can view the projects, their status in the sales process, bid due dates, who’s in charge of what, when the last action was performed, and what needs to be done next. You can find all the information about current and previous clients – contact information, previous projects and meetings all in one place.

Apart from being a powerful sales tool, the benefits of a home builder CRM are limitless. It assists you in organizing and centralizing your database, thereby providing essential assistance to your sales team. It helps you develop your relationships with your customers while also providing you with vital business information that can help you accelerate your company’s growth

Choose InSimplify!

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and user-friendly CRM for your construction business, look no further than InSimplify. Stay ahead of the competition and help your teams find, quote, and win businesses with InSimplify. Manage your sales, leads, quotes, costs, and valued customers with the exceptional tools that InSimplify offers.

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