Important Features to look for in a Construction CRM

by Jan 28, 2020

Construction CRM software has revolutionized the way construction companies have increased productivity, efficiency and more competitive. Construction software is an essential tool for streamlining operations in modern business. Modern construction challenges require modern solutions, don’t you agree? CRM solution is particularly useful for construction businesses, where team members are often spread across multiple locations. By eliminating the need for double data entry and consolidating many business functions into a single platform, construction CRM software can considerably reduce a company’s workload and improve efficiency.

Here are a few essential features that you need to look out for when considering a construction CRM for your business. Let’s dive in!

Project Tracking
Home builders and construction managers use project tracking features to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. You can track project progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Flawless integration
A construction company needs to keep all the information about prospective customers at its fingertips. That’s why a single CRM with cloud integration is so valuable: everyone sees the same documents, calendars, or notes including all the latest changes. CRM software should integrate fully with your existing business processes, allowing you to track customers throughout their life cycle.

Capture Sales Leads
The primary benefit of project management in construction is to grab every single opportunity in securing new projects.

Role-Based Views
It is an added perk when you can restrict your employees’ access based on their roles in the organization. Control what different users see within your CRM to prevent data leaks and security breaches. This allows you to manage your employees’ activity and keeps your customers’ data safe and secure.

Good construction management software also gives managers control over all the project data, produce project analytics reports to enhance decision making.

As simple as scheduling features may be, they remain very helpful for builders who need to organize their days most efficiently and keep track of the team’s activities. Scheduling features allow contractors to assign tasks, track the task progress and assign different priority levels to each task.

Mobile Capabilities
Businesses today need construction management software that can work across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Customer History
Having all of your customer contacts in a centralized location is important, especially in the construction business, because of the amount of collaboration required. An entire view of customer history also allows you to manage relationships proactively.

Pipeline tracking
As any business owner or a sales manager would know, the key to a healthy and successful business is the ability to maintain a healthy and strong sales pipeline.

Centralized data
It’s simply impossible if you’re using software that requires you to slog through multiple sources just to find that one key piece of information. This is where a CRM really shines. A CRM software gives construction companies the ability to nurture, prospect, close and maintain client relationships more effectively than ever before with centralized data in place.

For many construction businesses and home builders, getting new business and attracting customers isn’t as easy as it used to be. As the industry gets more competitive, more construction companies have started looking into customer relationship management software.

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