Leveraging technology to enhance your construction business

by Nov 22, 2019

The construction industry is one of the booming industries in the world. There is a common misconception in the construction industry that a software solution is meant only for bigger organizations and that those are tedious and expensive to implement. But irrespective of the size, age and capacity of the business, construction companies need a modern software solution that consolidates all the relevant information into a centralized quality control hub. You need software that contains all the necessary features to ease your work and become more productive. InSimplify does not just do that, but more.

For a construction company, keeping its project sites running and the field staff productive is the top most priority. Even the best-laid plans and resources can turn out to be a waste without the right processes and proper communication. Construction is a task-driven business and InSimplify helps you make sure that people know precisely what they need to do. To keep up with other competitors, you need to get the best resources you can get. With the various modules and customer portal in InSimplify, you can efficiently keep tabs on everything vital to a construction project. From start to finish, our cloud-based solution can help you with all of the communication during a project, making it easier for you to deliver the best possible customer service as well. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Construction companies have to stay in close contact with a wide range of people, both inside and outside the company. While many construction companies have now graduated from paper to digital documentation, the use of multiple technology platforms creates a new kind of ruckus. Only through consolidated construction management software can a construction company take control of the hundreds of details that have the potential to cause major problems down the line.

InSimplify, an end-to-end software technology, brings structure and clarity to your project while beating the traditional combination of paper, excel sheets and emails. You can quickly create and assign tasks, start sharing files, photos, documents, and let your customers know the project progress in a jiffy with one of the best construction management software out there. Optimizing labor on-site starts with having an accurate picture of what is happening on your project. InSimplify can be your most needed master key that ties everything together, giving real-time access to critical data, progress photos and reports to anyone on the project who needs it.

InSimplify has been chosen as one of the finalists of the prestigious Wyndham Business Awards 2019 under the business category “New and Emerging – Micro”. The Wyndham Business Awards is a comprehensive awards program elevating the core values of business excellence, sustainability, and responsibility.